• Footing the Bill: Art and Our Ecological Footprint
    Footing the Bill: Art and Our Ecological Footprint

    In our daily lives, we consume natural resources and produce wastes that must be absorbed by the Earth’s environment. As the human population grows and global consumption continues to increase, we will make ever-increasing demands upon the forests, pastures, cropland, fisheries and other biologically productive areas of this planet we call home.  

  • Ethics, Excess and Extinction
    Ethics, Excess and Extinction

    In 1998, environmental scientists proposed the concept of poaching as an environmental crime, defining any activity as illegal that contravenes the laws and regulations established to protect renewable natural resources, including the illegal harvest of wildlife with the intention of possessing, transporting, consuming, or selling it or using its body parts. They considered poaching to… // Read More >

  • WATER = LIFE: A Contemporary Art Exhibition
    WATER = LIFE: A Contemporary Art Exhibition

    How can artists contribute to ensuring that water is accessible to all, today and forever? Water is an inherent human right, yet almost a billion people do not have access to safe drinking water and 2.5 billion live without sanitation. There is also a “stress nexus” between water, energy and food. For example, heating, moving,… // Read More >


    Because the world is increasingly out of balance, with such problems as poverty, food security, environmental degradation, and climate change at the forefront, the moral vision of “sustainability” is being challenged by social innovators, scientists, environmentalists and other thought leaders as being insufficient for the times. A new dialogue is emerging around the idea of… // Read More >

  • AT&T Nature’s Toolbox Learning Center: BioHarmonious
    AT&T Nature’s Toolbox Learning Center: BioHarmonious

    Play our online game, BioHarmonious, to explore how we can live in balance between the manufactured and the natural worlds—playable on the free downloadable software, Unity Pro, compatible with most browsers on computers only.    

  • Off the Beaten Path: Violence, Women and Art
    Off the Beaten Path: Violence, Women and Art
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    Throughout the world, women and girls are victims of countless and senseless acts of violence. The range of gender-based violence is devastating, occurring, quite literally, from womb to tomb. It occurs in every segment of society, regardless of class, ethnicity, culture, or whether the country is at peace or war.This is the context for Off… // Read More >

  • AWARE/OWARE: A Game for Female Empowerment
    AWARE/OWARE: A Game for Female Empowerment
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    The AWARE/OWARE: A Game for Female Empowerment serves as a strong sculptural and aesthetic public artwork as well as an innovative and interactive forum for the community to explore the issue of female empowerment. AWARE/OWARE has been adapted from the ancient African board game, oware. possibly the oldest board game in the world, dating back… // Read More >

  • Nature’s Toolbox: Biodiversity, Art and Invention
    Nature’s Toolbox: Biodiversity, Art and Invention
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    Art can help build awareness. Indeed, nature and science are inextricably linked to art in the environmental realm. While science measures the health of the planet, art helps us visualize our complex relationship to the natural world. Art has a unique set of tools to represent our world: irony and allegory, metaphor and humor. Science… // Read More >

  • Off the Beaten Path/AFRICA
    Off the Beaten Path/AFRICA
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    Gender-based violence is one of the most serious and widespread violations of the basic rights of women, particularly on the African continent. In Africa, gender discrimination is both one of the causes as well as an aggravating factor contributing to the perpetuation and impunity of women’s access to justice. This is the context for the… // Read More >

  • Millions of Pieces: Only One Puzzle
    Millions of Pieces: Only One Puzzle
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    Art Works for Change sent the Venezuelan artist, Antonio Briceno, to Rwanda to photograph its many environmental challenges, from overcoming poverty to developing sustainable energy resources to solving land degradation. The exhibition, titled “Millions of Pieces: Only One Puzzle,” addresses the importance of our diverse species and ecosystems, and how they contribute to human well-being… // Read More >

  • AWARE/OWARE Video Game
    AWARE/OWARE Video Game
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    AWARE/OWARE Video Game is an artistic and educational interactive experience based on the Art Works for Change project that adapted the 7,000 year old Oware board game into an exploration of female empowerment. Like the physical game, the digital game is organized into six aspects of female empowerment: education, basic human rights and safety, economic,… // Read More >

  • The Nature of Cities
    The Nature of Cities
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    United Nations Pavilion, Shanghai Expo, China, July, 2010. UNEP asked Art Works for Change to produce an art installation for the UN Pavilion at the 2010 Shanghai Expo. Sixteen video artists, architects and animators created short videos addressing the theme of urban biodiversity. The renowned Zoetrope Aubry Productions provided the design and technical editing for… // Read More >

  • The Missing Peace: Artists Consider the Dalai Lama
    The Missing Peace: Artists Consider the Dalai Lama
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    How does an artist consider the Dalai Lama? That question began a journey that has resulted in this exhibition, in which 79 artists and artist collaborations from around the world have created their own individual answers, tapping into their unique journeys and belief systems to create visual portraits of how they perceive the Dalai Lama.… // Read More >

  • Unlearning Intolerance
    Unlearning Intolerance
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    The Unlearning Intolerance Seminar Series aims to examine manifestations of intolerance and explore means to promote respect and understanding among peoples. Initiated by the United Nations Department of Public Information in 2004, the series offers opportunities to discuss how intolerance, wherever it exists and for whatever reason, can be “unlearned” through education, inclusion and example.… // Read More >

  • Moving Towards a Balanced Earth
    Moving Towards a Balanced Earth
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    Nature strives for balance, including balancing the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. But the rate at which humans are moving carbon into the atmosphere by burning fossil fuels has surpassed Earth’s ability to maintain balance. As a result, the climate is changing. Carbon balance is one part of nature’s balancing act. Humans, collectively… // Read More >

  • Making the Choice – Bringing Forth an Environmental Renaissance
    Making the Choice – Bringing Forth an Environmental Renaissance
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    How does our use of cell phones contribute to the disappearance of endangered mountain gorilla habitat in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This exhibit explores how our daily habits contribute to environmental issues worldwide. Our goal is to help people learn how they can take personal action in their local communities in being part… // Read More >

  • Melting Ice / A Hot Topic
    Melting Ice / A Hot Topic
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    The effects of climate change are taking place on a global level, from the Andes to the Arctic, and throughout Africa, Asia and the Americas. While the impacts of climate change are vast and growing, we asked 40 artists from around the world to focus on the melting and thawing of the ice caps and… // Read More >

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    In April 2013, Art Works for Change was invited to participate in the Education Sans Excision Campaign in the Kolda region of southern Senegal. The campaign was organized by Sister Fa and World Vision, in partnership with the Forum of African Women Educationalist and UNESCO National Commission/Senegal. Art Works for Change implemented a series of… // Read More >