BioHarmonious Game

BioHarmonious Game

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BioHarmonious Game

An online game addressing the balance between the manufactured and natural worlds

AWFC’s first electronic game, BioHarmonious was launched at the Nature’s Toolbox exhibition at The Leonardo. The game is part of the AT&T Nature’s Toolbox Learning Center, and WWFC has produced an online version (for computers only), compatible with most browsers.

BioHarmonious addresses our collective need to live in environmental balance between the manufactured and the natural worlds. Though designed for young people it helps all of us understand the premise of learning from nature; how nature can inspire healthy, sustainable environments; and how nature and human-made environments need to be in balance.

Art Works for Change engaged recent graduates from Chicago Columbia College’s Department of Interactive Arts and Media program, led by Amanda Dittami, to design and develop the unique, innovative and educational electronic game. Thank you to our game sponsor, AT&T Foundation.

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Exhibition Venues

The Leonardo, Salt Lake City, Utah | January 28 – August 5, 2013
Ulrich Museum of Art, Wichita, Kansas | August 31 — December 17, 2013
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Participating Artists

Amanda Dittami, Game Design, Development, Lead & Writer; Anthony Sixto, Art Director, Concept & Game Artist; Blair Kuhlman, Animator, Concept & Special Effects Artist; Craig Deskins, Sound Designer & Composer; Gewargis Envia, Quality Assurance Tester; Matthew Farmer, Programming & Development