young boy standing in front of sexualized buddhist art

AWFC interviews Ang Tsherin Sherpa

1001 1024 Art Works for Change

Art Works for Change interviews artist Ang Tsherin Sherpa, whose work is featured in the The True Stories Project.

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ribbon cutting ceremony at museum art exhibition

Media Coverage of The True Stories Project

800 450 Art Works for Change

Multiple media outlets applaud the opening of The True Stories Project at the Patan Museum in Kathmandu, Nepal.

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NY Times article on Art Works for Change

Art Works for Change in the New York Times

527 296 Art Works for Change

Art Works for Change is delighted to share a New York Times article featuring our work addressing critical social and environmental issues through the transformative power of inspiring art.

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Winter 2017 Newsletter

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We’re gearing up for a terrific 2017 and wanted to give you a preview of what’s to come in the hopes that you will be inspired to support our work. Our upcoming projects address basic human rights and the empowerment of boys and girls, urban stresses and the resilience of our cities, and the profound impact of our daily lives on our fellow creatures. Read our newsletter to learn how you can support this exciting programming.

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temporary dwelling with crickets

“Cricket Shelter” receives award from Architect Magazine

1024 624 Art Works for Change

Architect Magazine has selected “Cricket Shelter—Modular Edible Insect Farm” by Mitchell Joachim and Terreform ONE as its 2016 R&D winner! Cricket Shelter was commissioned by Art Works for Change for the exhibition “Survival Architecture and the Art of Resilience.”

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Winter 2015 Newsletter

920 510 Art Works for Change

As we plan for an impactful 2016, we continue to ask ourselves, “How can art work for change?” We have a launched a wealth of new and dynamic projects and partnerships and experienced much growth as an organizaton. Read our newsletter to learn more.

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solar powered hang glider

Art Alters the Atmosphere

360 202 Art Works for Change

Marcia Tanner discusses how artists can change our perception, rearrange our ways of thinking and responding to the world and even transform our consciousness, spurring us to action.

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Art exhibition space

Calgary Hosts ‘Off the Beaten Path’

466 262 Art Works for Change

Art Works for Change is pleased to announce the premiere of “Off the Beaten Path: Violence, Women and Art” in Canada. Touring internationally since 2009. “Off the Beaten Path” explores the many dimensions of gender-based violence as it relates to the individual, family, community, culture and politics. The exhibition will be on view at the Art Gallery of Calgary from January 11 – March 9, 2013.

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Violence against Women in India

430 243 Art Works for Change

Together with the Ethnic Arts Foundation, Art Works for Change will be launching an online exhibition of the traditionally stylistic Mithila paintings, created by women living in northern India at the Nepal border. Many of their works tell the stories of their daily hardships, reflect cultural attitudes towards women, and continue the debate about the need for laws and reforms to protect the rights and safety of women.

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Exhibition announcement

Beautiful “Nature’s Toolbox” Feature in Zygote Quarterly

800 442 Art Works for Change

Art Works for Change is delighted that the “Nature’s Toolbox: Biodiversity, Art and Invention” exhibition has been featured in Zygote Quarterly, a bio-inspired online magazine.

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abandoned natural history museum

Pushing Boundaries

1024 532 Art Works for Change

The “Nature’s Toolbox” exhibition opens at The Field Museum in Chicago.

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Cover of Issues magazine

National Academy of Sciences Features “Nature’s Toolbox”

818 1024 Art Works for Change

Images from “Nature’s Toolbox” are featured throughout the National Academy of Sciences Summer 2012 magazine, “Issues in Science and Technology.”

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assemblage sculpture

Art at the Equator

212 126 Art Works for Change

Art Works for Change travels to Bogota, Columbia to explore local venues and artists.

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Picture of Sister Fa

Sister Fa makes a video for us

400 241 Art Works for Change

Art Works for Change and Sister Fa, an Art Works for Change Ambassador for Change, celebrated International Day of Women with this terrific video.

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