Footing the Bill: Art and Our Ecological Footprint (Part I)

Footing the Bill: Art and Our Ecological Footprint (Part I)

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Footing the Bill: Art and Our Ecological Footprint (Part I)

Part I of a multi-part exhibition addressing the urgent need to live sustainably within Earth's finite resources

As human population and consumption grow, we will make ever-increasing demands upon the forests, pastures, cropland, fisheries and other biologically productive areas of this planet we call home. Today, humanity uses the equivalent of 1.6 planets to satisfy our demands for natural resources and waste absorption, and we are on track to require the resources of two planets well before mid-century. Art Works For Change, along with our partners at Global Footprint Network, Earth Day Network and World Wildlife Fund, invite you to explore these issues through the unique lens of contemporary art.

Can we all live well and within the means of one Earth?

earth flowing through hour glass

Exhibition Venues

Online | 2015-2016

Part I of the Exhibition (now on view)

Featuring highlights of our call to artists.  Launched on August 13, 2015 (Earth Overshoot Day 2015) to mark the date when humanity has exhausted nature’s budget for the year.

Part II of the Exhibition (launching Earth Day 2016)

Featuring a curated exhibition of artists whose work challenges us to reflect on our ecological footprint.  Visit Part II.

About Partnering Organizations

Art Works For Change is a nonprofit organization that creates contemporary art exhibitions to address critical social and environmental issues. Our museum-quality exhibitions are hosted by fine art institutions all over the world, and feature artists whose work promotes awareness, provokes dialogue and inspires action.

Global Footprint Network is an international think tank that coordinates research, develops methodological standards and provides decision-makers with a menu of tools to help the human economy operate within Earth’s ecological limits.

Earth Day Network works year-round with thousands of partners worldwide to broaden, diversify and mobilize the environmental movement.  We lead environmental campaigns, promote green economic policies, educate the public and energize communities to secure a healthy future for themselves and their children.

World Wildlife Fund is the world’s leading conservation organization.  We use our global reach and a foundation in science to conserve nature and spur action on the most pressing threats to the diversity of life on Earth.