painting with fish and skull

Together, We Extinctation

Widi Pangestu Sugiono, 2015
Acrylic on canvas, 100cm x 80cm
Image © 2015, courtesy of the artist

painting of man holding tiger by tail

Shall We Began

Widi Pangestu Sugiono, 2015
Acrylic on canvas, 150cm x 200cm
Image © 2015, courtesy of the artist

About the Artist

Widi Pangestu Sugioni is an Indonesian artist whose acrylic paintings capture the strained relationship between humans and the natural world. He portrays troubling scenes of creatures under duress, including a filleted fish with a candy wrapper in its gut and a tiger whose tail is being held by a man with four hands. Sugiono places these images over a fading series of disconnected texts and images that seem to represent thoughtful discussion, calculation and governance. Through this juxtaposition, Sugiono implies that our fragmented conversations and unfinished plans will not be adequate to address the growing challenges of ecological overshoot.

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book with bookmark
inkblot in the form of insect with wolf profiles in negative space
fist that grows into a tree
image of mountain with reflection in lake

  • Sugiono studied fine art at the Institut Seni Indonesia Jogjakarta (Indonesia Institute of the Arts Jogja).

  • Widi Pangestu Sugiono’s paintings are a plea for sustainable consumption choices and coordinated action on environmental issues. Fish consumption is an area in need of both. Overfishing is a major environmental issue that affects the health of ocean ecosystems and human populations. Learn more from about overfishing and actions you can take from Oceana.

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