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rangers holding elephant tusks

Ethics, Excess, Extinction

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“Ethics, Excess, Extinction” explores the reality of endangered wildlife, as well as a vision of a world in which animals are respected and protected from suffering and commercial exploitation.

musical instrument made from immigrant shoe

De Muchos Uno / E Pluribus Unum

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“De Muchos, Uno / E Pluribus Unum” explores the work of eight renowned Latino artists whose unique perspectives on social and environmental issues contribute to the ongoing story of America.

ribbon cutting ceremony at museum art exhibition

Media Coverage of The True Stories Project

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Multiple media outlets applaud the opening of The True Stories Project at the Patan Museum in Kathmandu, Nepal.

empty bed with no mattress and woman hiding in the shadows

The True Stories Project: Oakland, California and Kathmandu, Nepal

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The True Stories Project gives voice both to those at risk for, and those already victims of, sexual abuse, sexual exploitation, and gender-based violence.