Reduce Your Fashion Footprint

Reduce Your Fashion Footprint

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Reduce Your Fashion Footprint

Textile production consumes large amounts of water and energy and often utilizes toxic chemicals that pollute the environment. The disposal of unwanted textiles also adversely affects the environment. You can make sustainable choices to reduce the impact of your wardrobe.


Reduce your fashion footprint with these 10 tips.

Learn to shop ethically with these 10 tips.

Sustainability guides from a nonprofit organization, Redress.

Tips on supporting sustainable fashion.

Guide to your sustainable wardrobe

Find a new home for your unwanted garments and textiles by following these tips.

Key actions include buying second-hand, buying retail brands that produce textiles in a sustainable way, extending the life of textiles through proper care and repair, using textiles for their full useful life and donating or recycling unwanted textiles.


Is the brand you are considering sustainable?  Get information about the sustainability of your fashion choices with this app and with GoodGuide.

Reduce your fashion footprint by buying and selling second-hand clothing with these apps.

Are you a designer or a maker? Learn about sustainable fabrics and materials by using this app from Nike.