Recycle the Right Way

Recycle the Right Way

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Recycle the Right Way

Recycling is a critical part of living within the means of one Earth. You can make a difference in your daily life by sorting your trash, recycling the right way, and finding locations in your area to recycle materials that aren’t collected by your municipality.


Recycling services vary from place to place and your first step should be to understand the recycling guidelines in your area. If you encounter hurdles to recycling certain materials, do some research into drop-off and mail away alternatives. You can often expand your recycling by finding special options for materials that are not processed by your local waste management service.

Get set up for recycling in your home with these tips and this guidance from the United States EPA.

Find out what you can recycle with this guide and this Recycling Explorer tool.

When you get past the basics, you are ready for this guide.

Get the facts on recycling paper in this guide.

Get the facts on recycling plastics in this guide.

Recycling electronics and other e-waste products requires additional care. Get tips on doing it right in this guide and follow this guidance from the United States EPA. Local big box stores may have electronics recycling programs, such as this program at Best Buy.

Learn how to salvage parts and reuse older devices in this guide.

For unwanted garments and textiles, follow these tips and find a location to donate or recycle using this tool.

For anything else that cannot be recycled by your local waste management service, search for sponsored recycling promotions and other recycling solutions on Terracycle and similar websites. You may be able to find drop-off and mail away options.


Check out these 5 apps to help you recycle.

Earn rewards for recycling with the Recyclebank app.

Track your local collection schedules and get detailed disposal instructions for your area with the Recycle Coach website.

Coming soon to a city near you?  Intellibins helps you find the nearest recycling bins for different types of trash.