rocks suspended in steel lattice


Mark Baugh-Sasaki, 2012, steel and granite, © 2012, courtesy of the artist

Mark Baugh-Sasaki

Through his inventive sculptures, photographs and videos, Mark Baugh-Sasaki explores the intersection of the industrial and natural worlds. He documents our collective need to civilize and assimilate nature, and captures imagined moments in the evolution of altered landscapes. He works with basic industrial materials, such as steel, aluminum, wood and glass, and transforms them into organic forms that recall their journey between the natural and industrial realms. He presents fictional objects and spaces whose altered forms invite us to reflect on our own place in this hybridized world. Baugh-Sasaki’s work is not a diatribe against human encroachment upon nature. Rather, it is a reflection of what we see around us — a landscape that is neither purely wild nor entirely domesticated. And it is a hopeful vision of a future in which the best of industry and nature prevail in the evolutionary process. Throughout Baugh-Sasaki’s work, natural elements, such as stones and branches, join forces with industrial materials to defy gravity and carry out feats of growth and adaptation normally reserved for living things. Perhaps these works are a model of how we move forward, by using technology, industry and ingenuity to help nature overcome the stresses of human population and consumption growth.    

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book with bookmark
inkblot in the form of insect with wolf profiles in negative space
image of mountain with reflection in lake
fist that grows into a tree
suspended ball of sticks


Mark Baugh-Sasaki, 2015, found wood, 72″ x 108″ x 108″, © 2015, courtesy of the artist

granite suspended with steel rods

Strange Attractions

Mark Baugh-Sasaki, 2011, steel and California bed rock, 36″ x 84″ x 36″, © 2011, courtesy of the artist

frames with cross sections of tree trunk


Mark Baugh-Sasaki, 2010, archival inkjet print on glass, steel and wood, 96″ x 30″ x 30″, © 2010, courtesy of the artist

stone and steel rods

Intimate Interactions

Mark Baugh-Sasaki, 2012, steel, weathered pieces of military installations, 54″ x 30″ x 30″, © 2012, courtesy of the artist

wood sticks in winding shape


Mark Baugh-Sasaki, 2009, steel and collected branches, 9′ x 15′ x 10′, © 2009, courtesy of the artist

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