installation of footprints made of carpet padding

The Last Dance

Judith Selby Lang, 2008
47 footprints cut from recycled carpet padding, dimensions variable
Images © 2008, courtesy of the artist

About the Artist

In her installation entitled, “The Last Dance,” Judith Selby Lang helps us visualize the ecological footprints of 48 nations. With a playful reference to dance instruction diagrams, she created larger-than-life footprints from recycled carpet padding, and invited visitors to explore the relative contributions of 48 nations to the global ecological footprint. She asks us to consider the steps we must take to reduce our use of the planet’s finite resources, and to do so before the music stops.

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  • In the artist’s words:  

    “The ecological footprints of some 48 nations were arranged on the New Federal Building Plaza in San Francisco.  Inspired by dance instruction charts, the footprints exemplified the disparity, hopefully, in a fun way; that we all need to watch our steps and that we all are dancing together.  They show that we are all partners on this planet but, some of us have way bigger feet.”

    Behind the scenes: 

  • On this page of Global Footprint Network’s website, you can see the Ecological Footprint by country.

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  • Featured Actions:

    * Slay vampire energy!  Turn off and unplug computers, appliances and other electronics when not in use.  Or think big and buy energy-efficient appliances and go solar.

    * Line dry laundry!  Hang laundry to dry as often as you can rather than using a clothes dryer.

    I pledge to slay vampire energy!I pledge to line dry laundry!

    * Your pledge will be counted in Earth Day Network’s “A Billion Acts of Green” campaign.  Learn more about this campaign here.

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