Sculpture with chia plants

Chia Curtain (detail)

Jeff Schmuki, 2009, chia sprouts, refashioned and recycled products, dimensions variable, © 2009, courtesy of the artist

Jeff Schmuki

Jeff Schmuki explores the expressive qualities of plants as an artistic medium in his botanical drawings and wall installations. In many of his works, he introduces plant-based forms into urban settings, drawing attention to our isolation from nature and the basic human need for green space. Schmuki also addresses the modification of plants through genetic engineering, and the implications for our environment and food supply. In works such as “Monsanto Machine: GM Code,” he employs genetically-modified plants to create a composition that represents a genetic sequence. He disrupts the white walls and bare floors of human spaces with his programmed plantings, alluding to a future in which coding may disrupt our ecosystems. By leaving these installations to die in the gallery space, Schmuki ensures that we see the full cycle of intervention, as impressive feats of manipulation ultimately succumb to their isolation from the natural order.

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book with bookmark
inkblot in the form of insect with wolf profiles in negative space
image of mountain with reflection in lake
fist that grows into a tree
wall sculpture with plants

Nursury (detail)

Jeff Schmuki, 2011, earthenware, cellulose sponge, chia sprouts, dimensions variable, © 2011, courtesy of the artist

draping plant sculpture

Drape (vertical garden IV) (detail)

Jeff Schmuki, 2009, watercress, fabric, irrigation system, 45″ x 56″ x 7″, © 2009, courtesy of the artist

Monsanto Machine (detail): GM Code

Jeff Schmuki, 2009, hydroponic genetically-modified wheat on wall, dimensions variable, © 2009, courtesy of the artist

lattice-shaped plant sculpture


Jeff Schmuki, 2009, nylon, wheat and growth medium, dimensions variable, © 2009, courtesy of the artist

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