aerial view of land art with reeds

Heart of Reeds

Chris Drury, 2005, earth, paths, plants, reeds and water, 2.5 acres, © 2005, courtesy of the artist

Chris Drury

Chris Drury is an environmental artist whose monumental works draw connections between the natural landscape and the mark of humanity. For each work, Drury researches the site and its context, and uses local materials and the contours of the land to tell visual stories about our relationship to the natural world. In works such as Wave Chamber and Hut of the Shadow, Drury creates a stone chamber that functions as a camera obscura, projecting images of the surrounding environment into the confines of the human space. These works invite us to bring nature into our lives in graceful, sustainable ways. In other works, Drury imprints the landscape with vast symbols of our environmental impact, often using patterns from nature. In Carbon Sink, for example, Drury creates a giant vortex from charred logs. The vortex expresses the connection between local coal mining activity and the adverse effects of climate change on nearby forests. In Winnemucca Whirlwind, Drury creates a circular design on a dry lake bed to symbolize the lake’s history as a center of Native American life prior to the diversion of its waters for agricultural use. These works are a portal to understanding the choices we face as a species: Will we follow the organic pathways found throughout nature or will we continue to leave our mark on the landscape through extraction and neglect?

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book with bookmark
inkblot in the form of insect with wolf profiles in negative space
image of mountain with reflection in lake
fist that grows into a tree
whirlpool pattern of charred pine trees

Carbon Sink

Chris Drury, 2011, beetle-killed pine logs and coal, 14 meter diameter, © 2011, courtesy of the artist

large scale fingerprint made of stone


Chris Drury, 2006, grass, York stone, lime mortar, 30 x 42 meters, © 2006, courtesy of the artist

stone hut at edge of water

Wave Chamber

Chris Drury, 1995, lens, steel and stone, dimensions variable, © 1995, courtesy of the artist

stone hut at edge of water

Both Nam Faileas: Hut of the Shadow

Chris Drury, 1997, lens, mirrors, steel, stone, wood, dimensions variable, © 1997, courtesy of the artist

large scale spiral pattern

Waves and Time

Chris Drury, 2011, earth, grass, dimensions variable © 2011, courtesy of the artist

large scale circular pattern in arid landscape

Winnemucca Whirlwind

Chris Drury, 2008, raked earth, 300 feet in diameter © 2008, courtesy of the artist

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