Making the Choice: Bringing Forth an Environmental Renaissance

Making the Choice: Bringing Forth an Environmental Renaissance

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Making the Choice: Bringing Forth an Environmental Renaissance

Exhibition Statement

How does our use of cell phones contribute to the disappearance of endangered mountain gorilla habitat in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This exhibit explores how our daily habits contribute to environmental issues worldwide. Our goal is to help people learn how they can take personal action in their local communities in being part of the global environmental solution.

“Making the Choice” presents information as two-tiered story-lines: the personal and the collective, the local and the global. Both stories are essential to fully understanding our impacts, and the conscious choices we make every day.

The exhibition focuses on how seven objects we use in our daily lives impacts seven environmental topics: Waste Reduction (cell phone), Water (plastic water bottle), Environmental Health (orange juice), Transportation (gas cap), Urban Design (house keys), Urban Nature (plastic shopping bag), and Energy (light bulb).

“For each of these topics, this exhibition explores these seemingly far-fetched connections, provides steps we can personally take to lessen our ecological impact, and highlights ways San Francisco is addressing these environmental concerns.

Exhibition Venues

San Francisco City Hall, 2007

Participating Artists

Christopher Lamarca; Chris Jordan; Rob Larson; Edward Burtynsky; Amy Franceschini; Lucy & Jorge Orta; Fred Tomaselli; Harri Kallio; Era and Don Farnsworth; Sven Pahlsson; Free Range Studio; Leslie Shows; Robert Bateman; Alison Moritsugu; Allora & Calzadilla; Icelandic Love Corporation; Agnes Denes; Fei Yang; Lane Hall and Lisa Moline