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whirlpool pattern of charred pine trees

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

1024 680 Art Works for Change

Carbon dioxide from human activity builds up in our atmosphere, contributing to climate change. We can all be part of the solution by reducing our carbon dioxide emissions.

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woman walking in arid landscape

Reduce Your Water Footprint

1024 598 Art Works for Change

Life depends on water. We can all make a difference in conserving this precious resource.

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bicycle operated cinema machine

Conserve Energy

1024 682 Art Works for Change

Our energy usage often draws upon nonrenewable resources and generates emissions of carbon dioxide. Together we can reduce our energy consumption.

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farm with genetically modified farm animals

Reduce the Impact of Your Food Choices

1024 822 Art Works for Change

Our food choices and consumption habits contribute to our impact on the environment. We can mitigate that impact by reducing the carbon footprint of our diets, choosing organic foods, minimizing food waste and composting discarded food.

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intersecting highways

Make Sustainable Transportation Choices

900 691 Art Works for Change

Our transportation choices have a dramatic impact on our carbon footprint and the natural environment. We can mitigate that impact by making more sustainable transportation choices in our daily lives.

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house made from large tree section

Make Sustainable Choices at Home

1024 744 Art Works for Change

Home is where the heart is. It is also a place where we can make the changes necessary to live more sustainable lives.

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chia garden on top of black tubing

Make Sustainable Choices in Your Garden

900 555 Art Works for Change

The choices we make in our gardens can support local ecology, improve air quality and beautify our homes. By avoiding pesticides, excessive water use, and invasive plant species we can ensure that are landscapes and gardens do not have an adverse impact on the environment.

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woman on hill with trash

Reduce Consumer Waste

1024 630 Art Works for Change

Our consumption choices often create waste streams that must be absorbed by the environment or processed using energy, water and other resources. We can reduce our impact on a daily basis by consuming less and making choices that generate less waste.

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sculpture in form of line of people covered in discarded textiles

Reduce Your Fashion Footprint

1024 683 Art Works for Change

Textile production consumes large amounts of water and energy and often utilizes toxic chemicals that pollute the environment. The disposal of unwanted textiles also adversely affects the environment. You can make sustainable choices to reduce the impact of your wardrobe.

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carcass of baby albatross with plastic in gut

Reduce the Use of Plastics

1024 779 Art Works for Change

Plastics harm our environment in a variety of ways. Most plastics are produced from fossil fuels. Recycling rates for plastics are low and the recycling process uses energy, water and other resources. Plastics take centuries to biodegrade and are a threat to the health of our oceans. You can make a difference by reducing the use of plastics in your daily life.

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paper and trash scattered on ground

Reduce the Use of Paper

800 655 Art Works for Change

We can save forests, reduce our carbon footprint and conserve natural resources by reducing our paper usage. You can make a difference by using less paper in your daily life.

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deluge of aluminum cans

Recycle the Right Way

1024 768 Art Works for Change

Recycling is a critical part of living within the means of one Earth. You can make a difference in your daily life by sorting your trash, recycling the right way, and finding locations in your area to recycle materials that aren’t collected by your municipality.

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How Many Pledges Can You Make?

1024 682 Art Works for Change

Explore the full list of pledges from the exhibition. Take action in your own life to reduce your environmental impact.

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