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rangers holding elephant tusks
Ethics, Excess, Extinction
1024 556 Art Works for Change

“Ethics, Excess, Extinction” explores the reality of endangered wildlife, as well as a vision of a world in which animals are respected and protected from suffering and commercial exploitation.

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musical instrument made from immigrant shoe
De Muchos Uno / E Pluribus Unum
1024 769 Art Works for Change

“De Muchos, Uno / E Pluribus Unum” explores the work of eight renowned Latino artists whose unique perspectives on social and environmental issues contribute to the ongoing story of America.

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ribbon cutting ceremony at museum art exhibition
Media Coverage of The True Stories Project
800 450 Art Works for Change

Multiple media outlets applaud the opening of The True Stories Project at the Patan Museum in Kathmandu, Nepal.

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empty bed with no mattress and woman hiding in the shadows
The True Stories Project: Oakland, California and Kathmandu, Nepal
1024 683 Art Works for Change

The True Stories Project gives voice both to those at risk for, and those already victims of, sexual abuse, sexual exploitation, and gender-based violence.

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NY Times article on Art Works for Change
Art Works for Change in the New York Times
527 296 Art Works for Change

Art Works for Change is delighted to share a New York Times article featuring our work addressing critical social and environmental issues through the transformative power of inspiring art.

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Winter 2017 Newsletter
991 616 Art Works for Change

We’re gearing up for a terrific 2017 and wanted to give you a preview of what’s to come in the hopes that you will be inspired to support our work. Our upcoming projects address basic human rights and the empowerment of boys and girls, urban stresses and the resilience of our cities, and the profound impact of our daily lives on our fellow creatures. Read our newsletter to learn how you can support this exciting programming.

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temporary dwelling with crickets
Survival Architecture and the Art of Resilience
1024 624 Art Works for Change

“Survival Architecture and the Art of Resilience” explores the possibilities of adaptable and sustainable housing in the age of climate change.

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temporary dwelling with crickets
“Cricket Shelter” receives award from Architect Magazine
1024 624 Art Works for Change

Architect Magazine has selected “Cricket Shelter—Modular Edible Insect Farm” by Mitchell Joachim and Terreform ONE as its 2016 R&D winner! Cricket Shelter was commissioned by Art Works for Change for the exhibition “Survival Architecture and the Art of Resilience.”

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How Many Pledges Can You Make?
1024 682 Art Works for Change

Explore the full list of pledges from the exhibition. Take action in your own life to reduce your environmental impact.

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paper and trash scattered on ground
Waste Post One
800 655 Art Works for Change

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